Travel restrictions between the US, Canada and Mexico have been extended © ehrlif/Getty Images

The US extends travel restrictions with Canada and Mexico

Maintrip June 18, 2020

Last Update: 2020-06-18 12:33:22

Border restrictions between the US, Canada and Mexico are being extended until 21 July to curb the spread of COVID-19, officials have announced. 

Current restrictions on non-essential travel between the three countries was due to expire on 21 June but it will now be extended by 30 days. Mexico's foreign ministry confirmed its border with its northern neighbour would remain closed until 21 July, while Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau announced a similar extension on the US-Canada border today.

"This is an important decision that will keep people in both of our countries safe," Trudeau said during his daily news conference.

The three countries closed their borders to non-essential travel in mid-March and restrictions had previously been extended in April and May. The travel ban maintains the rules as previous extensions, with cross-border travel permitted for those working in essential services and trade, as well as returning citizens.

Border restrictions will remain in place until 21 July ©f8grapher/Shutterstock
Border restrictions will remain in place until 21 July ©f8grapher/Shutterstock

"Based on the success of the existing restrictions and the emergence of additional global COVID-19 hotspots, the Department will continue to limit non-essential travel at our land ports of entry with Canada and Mexico," acting US Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said in a statement. "We have been in contact with our Canadian and Mexican counterparts and they also agree that extending these restrictions is prudent at this time."